We have listened to our customers and with some considerations we are finally launching TAT100 – brand new Asset Tracking device with internal battery which could last up to 1 year while sending data once per day.

TAT100 is a device for asset tracking and additional protection against thefts of valuable goods, as well as it could be used in wide range of applications from tools tracking to container tracking. It is a robust waterproof solution with extremely easy mounting.

The usage of the battery mainly depends on how long you want to monitor your goods. The device uses low power BlueNRG-232 chipset, TM2500 module, internal GNSS, GSM antennas, 2 low self-discharge Li-SOCl2 batteries. 



1 year of battery life sending records once per day

Easy to Use App

Convenient OTA (over-the-air) updating through user-friendly applications

Synced Records

Synchronized records sending and wake-up scenarios

Quick to Install

Robust, small and easy to install