PinoyTracker’s smart sensors and accessories are fully compatible with any Telematics products that can add great impact for your solutions.

Temperature Sensor

Extend device limits with BLE Temperature Sensor!

Magnet Sensor

Extend device limits with BLE Magenet Contact Sensor!

Movement Sensor

Extend device limits with BLE Movement Sensor!

Coin ID

Extend device limits with BLE beacons!

Slim ID

Extend device limits with BLE beacons!

Smart Lock

Intelligent tracking lock device for asset management system


Capture CAN data from any kind of transport


CANN Adapter for Light Vehicles


Escort TD-BLE

The first wireless capacitive fuel level sensor on the market with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology!

Escort TL-BLE

Escort TL-BLE’ measures the ambient temperature and luminous flux, processes the data collected and transmits it to a receiver device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.

Escort TH-BLE

A device to measure temperature, humidity and magnetic field based on the Bluetooth Low Energy.

Escort TD-600

Universal capacitive fuel level sensor that has 5 operational modes and can communicate with any GPS monitoring device.

Escort TD-500

Convenient and universal capacitive meter, an exclusively reliable sensor of fuel level with 4- switch launch modes, galvanic isolating body and explosion proof provision.

Escort TD-150

Escort TD-150 is a high precision capacitive fuel level sensors (FLS), designed to monitor the fuel consumption, loadings, offloadings and thefts on all types of vehicles, including agricultural, construction, mining and other machinery as well as stationary deposits, tanks, generators, etc.

Escort TD-100

The device TD-100 is marked with an ideal balance of price and quality provided by maximum efficiency and high productivity.

Escort I4

Digital indicator I-4 is designed for indicating the actual level in the fuel tank and can be used as summing unit which enables you to know the current volume of fuel in the tank.

Escort TD-Online

The world`s first capacitive fuel level sensor with in-build GPS module and replaceable SIM-card. TD-Online is the combination of the main features of fuel sensor and GPS monitoring tracking device provides two devices in one saving your time and money.

Escort DU-BLE

Wireless tilt angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ is designed to measure the angle at which certain parts of the heavy machinery units tilt and thus help you monitor their activity.

Escort DU-180

Model DU-180 is a measuring device providing permanent control of the angle change status in relation to the horizontal axis.


Specifically designed for meteorological measurements. A versatile and economical weather station for automatic measurements of meteorological parameters:

Escort DB-2

Escort DB-2 enables to keep control of the dynamics in the level fill change of the container. And with consideration of movement speed and the processed area, the Level sensor of cohesive products enables to control the norm of sown seed/quantity of introduced fertilizers, productivity at harvesting with a combine, as well as get the maps of sown seed/productivity distribution on the field.

Escort DGV-200

Ultrasonic proximity sensor DGV-200 is a measurement device determining a precise distance to the object.


A device for identification number (mark) transmission and a device for data receiving (reader). The System is meant for proximity identification of strap-on and pull-type devices, friend-foe identification, as well as identification of drivers of the car.